Friday, 21 December 2012

Fun in the Forest!

We're into our second week of performances, and so far we've had one FIVE star review and four FOUR star reviews! We're so excited and it's great to see audiences loving the shows! We decided to catch up with EMILY JANE KERR to hear her thoughts on how things have been going!
Emily Jane Kerr as Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream
So we're coming to the end of week two of performances. What a whirl wind. Many performances have been sold out, and it's been amazing.

What's even more amazing is that people are enjoying it, and talking about it. People are spreading the word about Grassroots Shakespeare London, which is just incredible. In the first week a young chap was over from Spain and he was recommended to watch us by his drama teacher. Yes, we reach Spain ladies and gentlemen!

One of my favourite shows so far was to a group of 60 teenagers. I was so worried we would not be able to hold their attention, but it's been the best response so far. And the Q&A was just hilarious. Most of the questions being about why Adam was wearing a dress? And why? No, really, why??? 

Emily Jane Kerr as Puck and Max Wilson as Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream

The reviews have been interesting. Some glowing and glorious, others unsure. It's very clear people either go with, or don't understand (and refuse to understand) 'original practises'. I've had a very personal response to the things that have been written, and I feel very protective over our work. It's been a challenge to work out what feedback is helpful and what is not, and that's been a learning curve, especially without a director to agree or disagree.

Something that has been fed back a lot is that we have a good ensemble, that we work well together, and we look like we're having fun. Whether or not you are part of an ensemble, I honestly believe if you enjoy each others' company off stage, it shows on stage. I think that is one of the most important things about being in a company. It's definitely one of the special things about Grassroots. I feel we are growing together, which means we're able to react and play, in different ways every night. 
And that makes for a very special performance.