Thursday, 7 April 2016

Benjamin Bonar on rehearsals, Grassroots style!

We are currently in our week of previews and as we look forwards to celebrating Shakespeare 400 from the heart of the West End, that you would like to have a last glimpse into the Grassroots rehearsal room! Take a peek.....


Friends, Romans, Countryman lend me your ears! Gather around, pull up a pew, take a load off, maybe grab yourself a beverage? Or a light Snack? Light some candles? Put Enya on. What I am trying to say is make yourself comfortable, it’s blog time.
Benjamin Bonar in rehearsals for Twelfth Night as Sir Andrew Aguecheek

I deliberated over whether quoting Mark Antony was appropriate considering we are currently working on Twelfth Night, but then I remembered we are Grassroots, and we do things a little differently.

Last night the springs in my mattress decided to buckle, essentially creating a vortex in the centre of the mattress that no matter how hard I tried to fight I could not escape that blackhole of uncomfortable-ness-ness. I have no idea why this happened? I was not, despite what my landlord may think, doing back flips or engaging in any other vigorous activity… Sigh… This resulted in me getting about 2 hours sleep, and considering I have recently had to give up caffeine I’m sure I don’t have to explain what it was like coming into rehearsals this morning. 

But I will anyway, it felt like this:

If you can’t be bothered to follow this link it’s basically of a deer screaming like a human. I suggest you watch it. It’s funny. 

Richard Soames (Feste) in rehearsals for Twelfth Night
So by all accounts today should have been awful. But it wasn’t. In fact, I would go as far as to say that today I had a great day. From the moment I walked into the room and was greeted by my fellows I couldn’t help thinking how lucky I am. You see we actors are a funny bunch. We live to work. We are truly happy when we get to practice our craft, and make no mistake, it is a craft. We work

tirelessly to make what we do look effortless. To make you smile, laugh or cry. To remind you what it is to be human. We are but your humble servants. All that we do, we do for you.
Tamaryn Payne (Lady Olivia) & Chris Thomson (Captain)
in rehearsals for Twelfth Night

I hope to see you all at Twelfth Night. I believe we are creating something magical. The cast and crew are some of the finest people I have had the pleasure of working with. I am inspired by their talent, their passion and their bravery. I am sure you will be too.

And with that, blog time is over. It should be noted I am currently writing this whilst sitting on my new mattress. 

All’s well that ends well…

Just to be absolutely clear we are doing Twelfth Night.

Ellie Nunn (Viola) and Louis Labovitch (Duke Orsino)
in rehearsals for Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night is at Leicester Square Theatre, celebrating Shakespeare 400 from the heart of the West End until Saturday 14th May.

Tickets are available from

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